New VFL Executive Director Sends Evictions Notices to Abortionists

Virginians for Life
August 26, 2013

Dear VFL Members,
Hello, my name is Rachel Sargent. I am the new Executive Director for Virginians for Life.

As my first action item, eviction notices are being sent to each child killing center stating that time is running out of for the murder of innocent unborn children in Virginia.

Virginia is a still a “red-state” politically, but we no longer want it to be “red” from the blood of unborn innocent children. These “crime scenes” must be eliminated, just like the recently closed doors of one abortion mill in Fairfax, Virginia, where many botched abortions have taken place. The truth must be told about what goes on behind the closed doors of death and hopelessness.

I am wholeheartedly committed to bringing the end of child-killing abortion and the abuse of women through this heinous act in Virginia and everywhere. Forty years and almost 60 million dead babies is enough.

I look forward to being a strong voice for the defenseless children of Virginia.
Rachel Sargent
Virginians for Life


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