Queen of the Pro-Life Movement Goes On Trial & Princess Goes To Court !

The undisputed Queen of the pro-life movement, Linda Gibbons, had a day long trial yesterday up in Toronto. The judge reserved judgment to Sept 9.

In a related matter, the Princess of the pro-life movement (Mary Wagner), Queen Linda’s fellow pro-life associate demonstrator in the battle for life, who resides in the same jail as does Queen Linda, is due in court today to answer for her ‘crime’ of attempting to stop the vicious butchery of unborn babies by “devils” in human form on August 15, 2012!!! She has been in custody ever since that day for this heinous crime against humanity !

Pro-Life Queen

Pro-Life Queen

Pro-Life Princess

Pro-Life Princess

Pro-Life Preemie

But don’t just take Sweat’s word for it. Click here to get the whole narrative for yourselves >>> http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/judge-hears-arguments-in-linda-gibons-case-reserves-judgment-to-sept.-9


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