Where Are Your Children?

Do you know where your children are?  Do you remember that  TV
commercial?  My mother knew where her children were.
Children Are Dying Right Now As We Start the Day

Saturday is the heaviest killing day at abortuaries around Virginia and as I suspect, around the country.  These mothers are walking their child right into a death center and killing her!!!  They deny the humanity of their child and tell themselves it’s okay.  This mother’s future will not be better.  It will be riddled with inexplicable guilt and pain.  Her child will never see the light of day.  That is, unless you and I stop them from making the most terrible decision.

Join me next Saturday morning at 900 S. Washington St. where the killings are far from safe.  Killing starts as early as 7am.  We can help them save their children so they know exactly where they are! 

Here’s new info from Operation Rescue regarding the Falls Church killing center on 900 S. Washington St.


Thank you for your prayers and support and join me next Saturday at the Falls Church Killing Center.

Rachel Sargent

Rachel Sargent
Virginians for Life


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