Ken Cuccinelli Can Stop Abortion in 2014



If Ken Cuccinelli is elected governor of Virginia in 2014, he can end abortion. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Ken Cuccinelli will have the power and authority to do that if he wins the election. We don’t want another Republican governor that will drag his feet on baby saving legislation as we have just recently experienced.

We know Ken is absolutely pro-life but has been trying to play it down for the sake of winning the Governor’s seat this November. Can you imagine with me what Virginia would be like if there was no baby killing in our state?

If Ken becomes the next governor on November 5, and we are praying he will, he can stop abortion dead in its tracks! That’s right! No more baby killing in Virginia. How? Call 571-449-6863 or 703-766-0635 and urge Ken Cuccinelli to sponsor a “Governor’s bill” for the Life at Conception Act in 2014. If he does that when he gets into office, God willing, there will be no doubt that he is solidly for the saving of precious babies.

Tell Ken that it is okay for him to come out of the pro-life shadows two weeks away from the election. Terry McAuliffe is enjoying beating Ken up on this issue. We don’t want another four years of playing it safe and neutral on the killing of innocent children or someone who will allow more children murdered! We want Ken and the Life at Conception Act!

When you call Ken, tell him how much we have appreciated his pro-life stand in the past and that we want to see more of it now and hopefully in 2014. He needs our encouragement to stand boldly for the innocent pre-born.

For the Babies,
Rachel Sargent
Executive Director, Virginians For Life


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