Flip Virginia Senate Pro-Life

We have an opportunity now in the Virginia Senate to turn a few more seats for the babies.  Our majority in the House of Delegates is secure.

Adding two Pro-Life senators can make all the difference!


The Virginia Senate is evenly split down the middle with 20 Senators for each party.

Two more seats going to the pre-born will give us the pro-life majority in both House and Senate! 


The Virginia State Board of Elections has declared Mark Herring as the winner. 

 Now that the Attorney General has been race decided, there is a seat open in the 33rd District. There may be a recount but we still must focus on getting this seat for the babies.


While we hoped for Mark Obenshain to secure that position, we still have him in the Virginia Senate.  That is good news!


The Lieutenant Governor slot won by Ralph Northam, makes his seat in the 6th District up for grabs as well!


A Pro-Baby sweep is just the “shot in the arm” we Pro-Life Virginians need right now!


Special Elections will be taking place for both these Senate seats shortly.  Jennifer Wexton has won the nomination for the 33rd District race.  Miss Wexton has been endorsed by NARAL!  That is not who we need!  Two other candidates, John Whitbeck and Ron Meyer are also vying for a bid in the Special Election.


Candidate Wayne Coleman (R) in the 6th District needs our help as well.


The Special Elections are imminent.  Turnout for these elections is usually slim.


   We need the right people going to vote to tip the scales for the babies.  Just two seats can give us the Pro- Life majority we need in the Virginia Senate! 


That’s why we need your help right now!  We want the heinous act of child killing in the womb to end once and for all in Virginia. 


We’ve had the Hospital Standards Act in place for a couple of years. Eighteen of those death centers failed their inspections in 2012 and they are still open!


     The baby killers are playing law-fare to keep these butcher shops open.  They are creating more red tape, hoping we’ll forget!


But we won’t stop working at Virginians For Life to end the slaughter of the innocent.


Help Virginians For Life to energize Pro-Lifers in the 6th and 11th Senate Districts to come out and vote in record numbers and !!!


Just two more seats in the Senate can give the babies a voice in Virginia!  Virginians For Life needs to send mailers, make robo calls and mobilize Pro-Baby voters in these two districts.  


We must win these two Senate seats and claim victory for the babies.  With a Pro-Life majority in both House and Senate, we can do that like never before.


The baby killers will put on an impressive fight to keep these seats for the abortionists in Virginia. 


That’s right!  Baby butchers want those seats to stay blue so they can keep killing precious babies created in God’s image.   We can’t let that happen!


Please send your largest gift possible so we can finally take control of the Senate!


Send $500, $300 $100 or whatever you can give to Virginians For Life, PO Box 1620, Front Royal, Virginia 22630 or click on the “Donate” tab at www.virginiansforlife.org.


Don’t hesitate to send your gift, these Special Elections will come quickly.   We must primed and ready to motivate solid pro-lifers like you to come out and vote for two more Pro-Life senators in the 6th and 11th districts.



For the Babies,

Rachel Sargent

Executive Director

Virginians For Life



Can Northern Virginia Face The Truth?

“You can’t handle the truth!” from the movie,  “ A Few Good Men,”

 is one of the best lines in cinematic history.  Hearing the truth often

requires a change of course. 


Once we hear the truth, we cannot go on life as usual.  We must respond.

Some will embrace it and others will reject it vehemently. 


Black Friday is the official day for Christmas sales and shopping.

 If you’re like me, you try to avoid it at all costs, no pun intended.


The glut of materialism the day after we give thanks for what we

 have is an ironic juxtaposition. 


A few years ago I participated in a Black Friday Face The Truth Tour.

We went to three local malls in Northern Virginia and held signs

 and pictures of aborted babies.



You might be thinking, “Why would we want to ruin someone’s

shopping experience?” 


Black Friday produces high volumes of people driving in and around

 shopping malls.  It takes just a second for a driver to get a visual of

an aborted baby or a message that says “Choose Life.” 



We must get the reality of child killing out to the public. 

The truth cannot be hidden anymore.  


Planned Parenthood does an excellent job of whitewashing the killing

of children in the womb.  They have their clutches in public schools,

Girl Scouts and college campuses everywhere. 


And as I’ve said before, out of sight is out of mind.  So let’s get the truth out.

Let Northern Virginia “Face The Truth.”


Meet Virginians For Life and Peter Shinn of www.ProLifeUnity.com

Friday, November 29 at Tysons Corner Mall at 9am and

we’ll spend 90 minutes there and go onto Fair Oaks then break for

lunch and finish in Sterling at Dulles Town Center.  Special thanks to

Jonathan Darnel of Center For Bio-Ethical Reform for providing the big signs!


If you can hold a sign and stand with us, pray or just stand with us in

support, we’d love to have you join us for any part of the day.

Please RSVP to this e-mail if you’re ready to participate and we’ll

give you more details and answer any questions you may have.

For the Babies,

Rachel Sargent

Virginians For Life

What Kind of Pro-Lifer Are You?

Do you know what a full-circle
pro-life ministry looks like?

Supporting your local pregnancy
center is a wonderful way to start.
Giving our time and money to these
havens of hope is phenomenal. 
But we can’t stop there.  Here is part
one if you missed it:  http://conta.cc/16VAbpc.
Faith Without Deeds

  I continued with my life as a

young college graduate.  I was

married shortly after college

and moved down to Virginia to

start teaching.


  I was still pro-life but it

wasn’t something I acted upon.


  Some personal tragedies a few

years ago prepared me to defend

the babies once more.


  In 2007, I was pregnant again

with my second child.  We were

delighted of course.  I was so

excited to tell my father who

had been in the hospital for

a while.


  When I went to see him, he was

not coherent and didn’t recognize

me. But I was able to connect with

him, and eventually he recognized

me and responded with interest.


  I hoped that such happy news would

give him the perseverance to get better.


  The next day, I went for an ultrasound

at the midwives.  I was excited and eager

to hear a heartbeat.


  Instead a got a furrowed brow from

the nurse.  The baby did not survive.

I was stunned.  


  I couldn’t even leave the midwives’

office for a while.  I called a friend

who lived nearby and asked her to come

and sit with me.  Eventually I was able

to get in the car and drive home.  


  Three or four days later, the inevitable

happened. I had contractions and expelled

what remained of my baby at home.   


  If that wasn’t sad enough, I had to go

into the ER and get checked over.  That

meant more invasive tests.


  As I lay there in the exam area,

the thought of mothers who killed their

babies came to me.  I knew at that moment

how empty, sad and lost they felt.


  The sadness I felt for these mothers

as I lay there just overwhelmed me. 

I hadn’t thought about the child-killing

of pre-born babies in a while.  


  It was strange how God would bring

aborted babies to mind.  I heard that

mothers who miscarried their children

would name their unborn babies.  I

named mine “Ariel Jaya.”  Ariel in

Hebrew means lion.  Jaya in Hindi

means victory.   

  “Where, O death, is your victory? 
   Where, O death, is your sting?
   1 Corinthians 15:55


  A few weeks later, not only did I lose my

baby, I lost my father. 

I was comforted that they would be in heaven

together and that God works

all things for good. 


  I ran into Mike in 2008 at a political

fundraiser at Lansdowne.  I was so surprised

to see him in Virginia after more than 20 years.

 I didn’t know that he was a Virginian before

he was a Vermonter!


  In 2009, God made it clear what He wanted

me to do.  I was in Ashburn, leaving the

McDonald’s to return to my car.  A man had

placed a newsletter on my car about saving



 I was so excited that I called him right

away. Deep down inside I wanted to be involved

but I didn’t know whom to contact.


During that same time period, I met

Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity.

  He helped me find a child-killing mill

where I could defend the babies.  


  Shortly after, I became Peter’s Vice

President for a couple of years.  Having

to take care of my mother, homeschool and

work part time for the county in 2011

was too much for me so I stepped away for

a while.  


  After being a “civilian” pro-lifer for

eighteen months, God brought me the opportunity

to work with Virginians For Life this past August.


It takes pro-lifers of all kinds, those who

pray daily for the innocent in the womb,

those who will stand in front of these places

of death to pray and warn women of the horror of abortion.   


  There are those who will speak up and defend

the babies through legislation and those who

are willing to give money to support the

efforts of those who are in the trenches.   


  What type of pro-lifer are you?

Can you sacrifice one hour, one more

dollar to protect the babies in Virginia? 

Let me know!  


  I have so many things I want to do

and I’ll need God’s mercy and your help

to make it happen!

Send your “Life at Conception Act” gift to

Virginians For Life, PO Box 1620 Front Royal,

VA 22630 or click on Donate at:



40 days students

  Please share your pro-life story
with Virginians For Life, or any current
pro-life activity in which you are
involved by hitting reply to this e-mail.
For The Babies,
Rachel Sargent
Rachel Sargent
Virginians for Life

When Did You Realize You Were Pro-life?


Do you remember the moment you knew you were


For me, it was 25 years ago at the University

of Vermont.  I was about to cast my vote for

President and I didn’t know which party to vote for.

 To clarify my decision, a friend asked if I

was pro-life.  I didn’t really know what that

meant.  He asked again, “Are you for the killing

of babies in the womb?”  Horror struck me. 

 I replied, “Of course not, I’m a Christian.”

 Once I knew what abortion was, the murder

of pre-born children, the decision to vote

for a pro-life candidate was clear.  

 I didn’t need to consider whether life in

the womb was a full human being, like many

college students do today.

 I instinctively knew that God created

and put that life there and that no one

had any right except God to take that life. 

This same friend then asked me not too long

after that day if I would go with him to

a child killing center and lock arms to

prevent women from killing their children.

 Again, I did not have to mull it over in

my mind.  I knew I had to go. 

There were two child killing centers in

Burlington, one right across the street

from campus and the other on North Avenue,

a few miles away.

 For a small city of 50,000 at the time,

I knew that was just too many baby killing


Once we arrived at the North Avenue death mill,

I saw other Christians there, some that I knew

from church.  The leader there was none other than

Mike McHugh!

 He impressed me that day with a passion for the

saving of babies.  I went a few more times but

did not go to defend the babies until 2009. 

Stayed Tuned For Part 2!



Do you have a pro-life story to share? Of

how you became pro-life?  Or what you’re

doing now to save babies?  Or know of

someone who made the choice to keep her

baby?  We’d love to hear these stories!  

Post them below or e-mail me:


For the Babies,

Rachel Sargent

War on Women Continues

The War on Women was turned around on
women all across Virginia last night.
They were deceived and cried for
the “right to choose.” And now they
have “pulled the trigger” on themselves
and innocent girls in the womb.
The irony is palpable.
No matter who is in office, this spiritual
battle against the slaughter of the innocent
pre-born still continues.
Only some of the players have changed.

I am grateful that we still have
Delegate Bob Marshall,a true champion for
the babies in the Virginia House. We must
now prepare for battle in Richmond and make
our path clear.
“Hear this, you kings! Listen,
you rulers!
I, even I, will sing to the Lord;
I will praise the Lord, the God of
Israel, in song.”
Judges 5:3
Virginians For Life must gear up to
meet with Delegates and Senators to lobby
for the Life at Conception Act.
It is crucial that we have the funds to
wage war against pro-death opponents
in Richmond.  We cannot fight for the
babies or help shut down the failing
18 child killing centers without financial
backing.  Please donate a one time
gift of $100, $200 or $500 or a
monthly amount of $15, $20
or $30.  Send your “Life At Conception Act”
gift to: Virginians
For Life PO Box 1620, Front Royal, VA 22630
or “Click” on the”Donate” button at
  Rachel Sargent
Rachel Sargent
Virginians for Life

Political Dead Heat Means Life!

Have you been watching the poll results lately?
From Cuccinelli’s Campaign E-Mail:
“Poll: Virginia governor race a nailbiter
Politico-Tal Kopan-October 30, 2013
“With less than a week until Election Day, Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe holds a slim lead over Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in a tightening race, according to a new poll on Wednesday.  This is good news for Pro-Life Virginians! If Ken wins, the babies win!

Virginians For Life @ Ken’s Rally.

We gave out over 200 VFL lapel stickers to rally attendees and many signed up for VFL alerts.

I want to thank you for your dedication to saving babies in Virginia.  Ken is the only choice in the gubernatorial race to end child killing in Virginia.  Get out and vote this Tuesday, November 5th.

His opponent has Planned Parenthood waiting in the shadows to prey on women and babies.McAuliffe will undo all we have worked for, including the Hospital Regulations revealing 18 death centers failing the 2012 inspections.  They keep delaying their demise with more “law-fare.”

Please support our efforts to end the slaughter of God’s little image bearers.  We work hard to promote pro-life legislation, prayer and counseling at the abortuaries, and also bearing witness to the atrocities occurring daily at the eighteen baby butcher shops in Virginia. 

Contribute to Virginians For Life PO Box 1620, Front Royal, VA 22630 or click on “Donate” at www.VirginiansForLife.org

For The Babies

Rachel Sargent