When Did You Realize You Were Pro-life?


Do you remember the moment you knew you were


For me, it was 25 years ago at the University

of Vermont.  I was about to cast my vote for

President and I didn’t know which party to vote for.

 To clarify my decision, a friend asked if I

was pro-life.  I didn’t really know what that

meant.  He asked again, “Are you for the killing

of babies in the womb?”  Horror struck me. 

 I replied, “Of course not, I’m a Christian.”

 Once I knew what abortion was, the murder

of pre-born children, the decision to vote

for a pro-life candidate was clear.  

 I didn’t need to consider whether life in

the womb was a full human being, like many

college students do today.

 I instinctively knew that God created

and put that life there and that no one

had any right except God to take that life. 

This same friend then asked me not too long

after that day if I would go with him to

a child killing center and lock arms to

prevent women from killing their children.

 Again, I did not have to mull it over in

my mind.  I knew I had to go. 

There were two child killing centers in

Burlington, one right across the street

from campus and the other on North Avenue,

a few miles away.

 For a small city of 50,000 at the time,

I knew that was just too many baby killing


Once we arrived at the North Avenue death mill,

I saw other Christians there, some that I knew

from church.  The leader there was none other than

Mike McHugh!

 He impressed me that day with a passion for the

saving of babies.  I went a few more times but

did not go to defend the babies until 2009. 

Stayed Tuned For Part 2!



Do you have a pro-life story to share? Of

how you became pro-life?  Or what you’re

doing now to save babies?  Or know of

someone who made the choice to keep her

baby?  We’d love to hear these stories!  

Post them below or e-mail me:


For the Babies,

Rachel Sargent


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