What Kind of Pro-Lifer Are You?

Do you know what a full-circle
pro-life ministry looks like?

Supporting your local pregnancy
center is a wonderful way to start.
Giving our time and money to these
havens of hope is phenomenal. 
But we can’t stop there.  Here is part
one if you missed it:  http://conta.cc/16VAbpc.
Faith Without Deeds

  I continued with my life as a

young college graduate.  I was

married shortly after college

and moved down to Virginia to

start teaching.


  I was still pro-life but it

wasn’t something I acted upon.


  Some personal tragedies a few

years ago prepared me to defend

the babies once more.


  In 2007, I was pregnant again

with my second child.  We were

delighted of course.  I was so

excited to tell my father who

had been in the hospital for

a while.


  When I went to see him, he was

not coherent and didn’t recognize

me. But I was able to connect with

him, and eventually he recognized

me and responded with interest.


  I hoped that such happy news would

give him the perseverance to get better.


  The next day, I went for an ultrasound

at the midwives.  I was excited and eager

to hear a heartbeat.


  Instead a got a furrowed brow from

the nurse.  The baby did not survive.

I was stunned.  


  I couldn’t even leave the midwives’

office for a while.  I called a friend

who lived nearby and asked her to come

and sit with me.  Eventually I was able

to get in the car and drive home.  


  Three or four days later, the inevitable

happened. I had contractions and expelled

what remained of my baby at home.   


  If that wasn’t sad enough, I had to go

into the ER and get checked over.  That

meant more invasive tests.


  As I lay there in the exam area,

the thought of mothers who killed their

babies came to me.  I knew at that moment

how empty, sad and lost they felt.


  The sadness I felt for these mothers

as I lay there just overwhelmed me. 

I hadn’t thought about the child-killing

of pre-born babies in a while.  


  It was strange how God would bring

aborted babies to mind.  I heard that

mothers who miscarried their children

would name their unborn babies.  I

named mine “Ariel Jaya.”  Ariel in

Hebrew means lion.  Jaya in Hindi

means victory.   

  “Where, O death, is your victory? 
   Where, O death, is your sting?
   1 Corinthians 15:55


  A few weeks later, not only did I lose my

baby, I lost my father. 

I was comforted that they would be in heaven

together and that God works

all things for good. 


  I ran into Mike in 2008 at a political

fundraiser at Lansdowne.  I was so surprised

to see him in Virginia after more than 20 years.

 I didn’t know that he was a Virginian before

he was a Vermonter!


  In 2009, God made it clear what He wanted

me to do.  I was in Ashburn, leaving the

McDonald’s to return to my car.  A man had

placed a newsletter on my car about saving



 I was so excited that I called him right

away. Deep down inside I wanted to be involved

but I didn’t know whom to contact.


During that same time period, I met

Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity.

  He helped me find a child-killing mill

where I could defend the babies.  


  Shortly after, I became Peter’s Vice

President for a couple of years.  Having

to take care of my mother, homeschool and

work part time for the county in 2011

was too much for me so I stepped away for

a while.  


  After being a “civilian” pro-lifer for

eighteen months, God brought me the opportunity

to work with Virginians For Life this past August.


It takes pro-lifers of all kinds, those who

pray daily for the innocent in the womb,

those who will stand in front of these places

of death to pray and warn women of the horror of abortion.   


  There are those who will speak up and defend

the babies through legislation and those who

are willing to give money to support the

efforts of those who are in the trenches.   


  What type of pro-lifer are you?

Can you sacrifice one hour, one more

dollar to protect the babies in Virginia? 

Let me know!  


  I have so many things I want to do

and I’ll need God’s mercy and your help

to make it happen!

Send your “Life at Conception Act” gift to

Virginians For Life, PO Box 1620 Front Royal,

VA 22630 or click on Donate at:



40 days students

  Please share your pro-life story
with Virginians For Life, or any current
pro-life activity in which you are
involved by hitting reply to this e-mail.
For The Babies,
Rachel Sargent
Rachel Sargent
Virginians for Life

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