Vote Today For the Babies in the 33rd District

If you live in the Fairfax and Loudoun County’s 33rd District, you have undoubtedly received robo calls from John Whitbeck,  or mailers and door to door visits from Ron Meyer  This is a crucial seat for the babies.   Both candidates are committed to the end of child killing in Virginia. 


The Mass Meeting to choose the Pro-Baby candidate will take place at Park View High School in Sterling, VA, Monday December 16, 7:30 pm.  Doors open for registration at 6:30. 

Also throwing his hat into the ring is former Delegate Joe May. 

These candidates will then have the opportunity to run against Jennifer Wexton, endorsed by NARAL.  

Joe May and Jennifer Wexton both have recently moved their residence to the 33rd district to run for this Virginia Senate seat.

This is a highly coveted seat for two of the four candidates to even consider changing their residence.

“Veteran state Del. Joe May moved into the Senate of Virginia’s 33rd District the first weekend of December.

Jennifer Wexton, a Leesburg attorney and former assistant commonwealth’s attorney in Loudoun, most recently took up residency in the 33rd in October.” – Loudoun Times

“Both May and Wexton are courting the support of the Loudoun and Fairfax County district’s more than 100,000 voters in an upcoming election to replace state senator and attorney general-elect Mark Herring (should Herring hold his advantage after a recount in his attorney general contest against state Sen. Mark Obenshain).”  -Loudoun Times

The 33rd District needs a pro-baby voice in the Senate.  If you live in this district, please come to Park View High School before 7:30pm to give the babies a fighting chance in the Senate.

The Virginia Senate’s 6th district also has a critical life and death vote.  Governor McDonnell has set the Special Election for January 7, 2014, one day before the General Assembly begins on January 8.  It is highly advantageous to get two pro-baby Senators in those seats.  If both the 6th and 33rd districts go to the babies, we will tip the scales from death to life.   We could have a majority in both the Senate and the House!

As soon as the candidates are chosen for the 33rd District, we can start promoting the pro-baby candidate.  We already are in dire need of funds for promoting the Senate race in the 6th district.  Your gifts help us promote the candidates that will stop child killing in Virginia.

Please contribute whatever you can to help end the child killing of the innocent pre-born by sending us a check to: Virginians for Life PO Box 1620 Front Royal VA 22630 or online donation to:

The babies need your help.  The Virginia Senate must turn pro-life.  Please give them a chance during this season of Everlasting Life coming down to us in the form of a baby.  Don’t delay.

For the Babies,

Rachel Sargent


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