Dear Pro-Life Friend,

The time is now to defend and protect our children from death in the womb.  With the winds of change bringing in pro-death legislation and legal in Richmond, we need to make sure our pro-life representatives in the State Capitol will run to the battle and truly say what they mean and and mean what they say.

  Pro-Life legislators are standing in the shadows on keeping child killing in Virginia legal.  .  No pre-born child deserves death.

As Virginians For Life Executive Director my goal is to weaken the pro-death lobby and  strengthen the voice and the power of pro-life state Senators and Delegates.

I will call upon the church to help us in this effort to be bold and vocal for the image-bearers who have no voice.  They already know the truth they but need  prompting .

These two pro-life groups must not be apathetic, but rather work diligently if we are to be a pro-life Virginia. I look forward to that day.

Protecting Virginia’s Children in the Womb,

Rachel Sargent 


Rachel Sargent
Executive Director
Virginians For Life