Virginians For Life Pro-Life Report Card and Voter Education Project


Who is a pro-life leader? 

That depends on how you define a leader.

For VFL – Virginias only No-More-Excuses Pro-Life lobby we define a leader as a politician who does two things:

1. Sponsor the right bill

2.Use the rules to force a vote when the party bosses threaten them.

We will never end baby killing if we don’t get recorded votes to hold the politicians who say they are pro-life accountable.

There is only one Virginia politician who has been a leader for the babies. 

No it is not Ken Cuccinelli or Mark Obenshain. 

They have done good things but have not been leaders.

The only leader for the babies in Virginia is Delegate Bob Marshall.

Bob Marshall has courageously stood up to party boss Speaker Bill Howell to force recorded votes. 

In fact, he sponsored the 2007 Life at Conception Act and used the rules to force a vote.

Speaker Howell was so furious with Marshall that he took away a Chairmanship from Marshall for refusing to play party boss ball.

Even though Marshall lost the vote – put in vote number and link – it put so-called pro-life Delegate Dave Nutter on the record.

Delegate Nutter sponsored the bill with Marshall and then stabbed the babies in the back by voting no.

It cost Nutter his seat as outraged pro-life Virginians remembered Nutter’s betrayal in 2011 when Nutter ran for Senate.

Now that you know how we at VFL define a pro-life leader let me give the grades for the upcoming state-wide races.

At VFL we only give the coveted A+ to proven leaders.





Virginians For Life Pro-Life Report Card  

VFL Voter Education Project

E.W. Jackson(R)   A Lt. Governor Great message for Lt. Governor, no bills  or recorded votes yet.
 Mark Obenshain (R)  
 Attorney General

Has sponsored bills and spoken for the babies on Senate floor. Refused to use rules to force vote in Senate on Bob Marshall’s HB

1, the Personhood of the Baby Bill. 

 Ken Cuccinelli (R)    B  Governor
Good record in the past but sold out to abortion lobby and Congressman Frank Wolf on Rape and Incest.  Currently he has no substantial message about the babies at his campaign for Governor web site or in his literature.

Mark Herring (D)

  D  Attorney General  Pro-Child Killing
 Ralph Northam (D)   D  Lt. Governor  Pro-Child Killing

Terry McAuliffe (D)

  F  Governor  Supports Child Killing on demand and supporter of Baby Killing Inc. A.k.a. Planned Parenthood

Please lobby the politicians at the only time they listen – election time.

 Call Ken Cuccinelli at and tell him to at least spell out his pro-life beliefs and what actions he would take for babies if elected governor.

And please send as generous a donation as possible by clicking or write a check to VFL at PO Box 1620, Front Royal, VA 22630 to help us mobilize pro-life Virginians on November 5th.

Without your generosity VFL won’t have the funds to survey the House of Delegate races and mobilize in the Statewide races.



Virginians for Life Asks Abortionists to Stop the Killing

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

We have sent more than 20 notices to the child killing centers around Virginia asking them to halt their murderous practices in the name of Jesus. Take a look at the resolution we created.

From The Supreme Court of Heaven

-Whereas a child’s DNA is complete at conception
-Whereas a child’s heartbeat begins to beat at 18-24 days after conception
-Whereas a child’s brainwaves can be detected at six weeks
-Whereas a child’s fingernails are forming at nine weeks
-Whereas a child is able to feel pain as early as eight weeks
-Whereas a child sucks its thumb at nine weeks
-Whereas a child is breathing amniotic fluid from 11 weeks until birth
-Whereas at 12 weeks a child can kick, turn over, make a fist, open its mouth and press its lips
-Whereas children are murdered as early as 10 weeks up to birth
-Whereas children are often killed once born after a failed abortion
-Whereas children are offered as blood sacrifices in the name of “choice”
-Whereas 57 million children have been killed by abortion since 1973
-Whereas there are commercials to save animals from abuse and none to save children from this bloodshed
-Whereas since these child development facts are medically true, we declare child killing practices in Virginia a breach of the Hippocratic Oath which states, “Do no harm.”
-Whereas many couples are eager to adopt and there are agencies willing to aid in that process

On this day, Tuesday, September 3, 2013, we have been asked to serve you with this notice from the Supreme Court of Heaven. We also resolve as Virginians for Life to urge you to heed the order of the court and immediately “cease and desist” by halting all baby killing practices in the name of Jesus, who alone has the power to give life and who commanded “thou shalt not murder.” Jesus, “came that they may have life and have it abundantly,” as it states in John 10:10. Let the little children have life.

Please pray with me that these notices sent to 20 child killing centers will have an impact and that their abortionists and staff will repent and cry to God for mercy.



Rachel Sargent
Virginians for Life

ALERT: Please Call Obenshain and Bell Today!

URGENT: Please call, and have all of your family and friends call, Senator Mark Obenshain and Delegate Rob Bell today (listed below) informing them that if they want to earn your support for Attorney General they must take Bob Marshall’s 2007 HB-2797 and give it to legislative counsel by this Friday.


They only have until Friday the 18th to present it, so please call today!


Senator Mark Obenshain

Richmond Office: (804) 698-7526

District Office: (540) 437-1451

Delegate Rob Bell

Richmond Office: (804) 698-1058

District Office: (434) 245-8900

After you call, please click here to sign the petition.